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My Windshield Chip Experience

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I have a small chip in my windshield; it’s been there for 2 years now, so I thought there was no reason to pay the $40 to $70 dollars to have a windshield chip and crack repair technician come out and repair my nicked windshield.

Then I noticed a couple of small cracks starting to extend out from the chip. Ted, a friend of mine, saw I was looking at the chip and offered to repair my chipped windshield.

Ted has a $9.00 dollar save mart do it yourself single windshield chip repair kit. I thought this was great; my windshield chip repaired for only $9.00 dollars what a great deal!

So the next day Ted and I opened the package and read the instruction pamphlet. It all sounds so easy, place the car in shaded area, put the suction cup over the chip or crack. Put the resin in the syringe pull back on the plunger then press to force resin into break then place car back in sunlight to cure.

It all sounds easy, until we read that some breaks may require drilling! Drilling you can drill on a windshield? Ted remarks; the instructions suggest that we can. Ok, how do we know if we should drill the chip or not, and what kind of drill bit to use? Ted replies I don’t know and suggests that we try to fix the chip without drilling and I agreed.

We placed the suction cup over the break and followed the instructions and injected the resin and repaired the chip. Looked like a professional repair until the next day when I noticed a small crack leading from the repaired area. I called Ted and mentioned that I saw a small crack leading from the repaired chip. He suggested we try to re -fix the chip and the new crack.

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield Repair In Progress

We tried to re-repair the new crack for several hours with no luck. Three days later the crack has grown to about four inches I’m afraid it will now crack all the way and I will have to replace my chipped and now cracked windshield. So I bit the proverbial bullet and called a mobile windshield chip and crack technician to come out to look at my windshield and give me suggestions for repairing it.

Wow was this guy thorough he introduced himself as Art and politely asked how can I help you? I showed Art the chip. Art asked me how long ago the chip occurred. I told him 2 years ago then Art asked if it had been repaired before? So I told Art the story of how Ted and I repaired the chipped windshield with a do’ it yourself $9.00 save mart windshield repair kit and then tried to re-repair the new crack that developed with another $9.00 repair kit for several hours before buying another $9.00 repair kit, thinking the one we had might be bad.

Art smiled; I said what are you smiling about. Art replied once you repair or try to repair a chip it cannot be re repaired as it has been sealed that’s why it must be repaired properly the first time! Proper repairs require all air and moisture be removed before the resin is injected under the required pressure and vacuum cycles. Why did the chip I fixed continue to crack?

Art smiled, again I asked why? Art replied its glass; glass is hard to predict sometimes the glass will break out “crack all the way to the edge” just from being touched. Sometimes windshield glass is under a lot of stress from installation. Other times not all of the air was removed from a previously repaired chip or crack and the air remaining in the chip or crack expands and contracts and the chip starts to crack or the crack continues to expand.
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Even worse if all the moisture was not completely removed when repaired the water remaining inside the repaired area can freeze and expand causing chips to crack and cracks to expand quickly! So my next Question was can you fix the new crack in my windshield?

Art smiled I laughed. Art suggested that, what he could try is to get in front of the expanding crack drill a hole stopping the crack. He also suggested polishing and filling a few nicks I have in my windshield. Then he warned me that the windshield could break out when he drilled it and there would be no recourse but to replace the windshield.

Windshield Repair In Progress

Windshield Repair In Progress

I told Art that at the rate the crack had been expanding I would have to replace the windshield anyway! Art laughed I smiled. Art proceeded to drill my windshield, he didn’t drill all the way through the glass but just short of going through the first layer Art then showed me by tapping a carbide scribe lightly while inserted in the new drill hole the crack ran right to the drill hole stopping the crack. Art then put on what he called “two triple leg windshield repair bridges”, one for vacuum and one for pressure.

Art put the first bridge over the newly drilled hole in a vacuum stage and slowly heated the windshield vaporizing any remaining moisture and removing water vapor and any trapped air. Art then placed the second bridge close to where Ted and I had attempted to repair the chip and where the new crack started.

Art then put the first bridge in a resin injection mode and the second bridge in a vacuum. I watched the resin flow through the crack and the crack virtually disappear right before my eyes I could also see some resin flow into the repair Ted and I attempted sealing it up before, that was three years ago and still no more expanding cracks or chips.

So it took $27.00 in D.I.Y. kits plus $70.00 for the repair technician to actually fix my windshield. A $97.00 dollar repair is still better then the $327.00 dollar windshield replacement I was quoted! So what did I learn?

If I had called a mobile windshield repair technician first it would have only cost me $45.00 to have the original chip repaired with all work guaranteed!

Second there’s more to repairing a windshield then can be learned from a D.I.Y. $9.00 repair kit instruction pamphlet. Art knew exactly what to do and how to do it with the proper equipment knowledge and practiced skills, Art repaired my chipped and cracked windshield, he even repaired the windshield nicks that were sometimes blinding in the right sunlight.

Third, with all the time and frustration involved it’s so much easier to call an experienced mobile windshield chip and crack repair technician to come to you and do a professional repair!

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