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Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration improves output of the headlights and increases light penetration into the darkness. Most night time auto accidents are related to poor viability due to dull headlights! There are two basic headlight restoration techniques, chemical restoration and physical restoration. Chemical restoration is fast and looks pretty good, but the lasting effects of chemical restoration in my opinion is short. Chemical restoration from my experience is quick and easy, requires very little time or physical labor but only looks good for about a year or so. This is why so many company’s offer headlight restoration at such a low-cost. Physical headlight restoration is time-consuming, messy and requires extended physical labor, but in my opinion the clarity and longevity after physical restoration is outstanding. Chemical restoration can’t compete here, chemical restoration fills the tiny surface cracks, pits and treats the yellowing where Physical restoration removes the pits, tiny surface cracks and the yellowing they cause. Removing these problems instead of covering them, is why physical restoration costs more but outperforms chemical restoration in every aspect except cost! At Mark’s Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repair and Headlight Restoration we only do Physical Headlight Restorations!

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