Marks Mobile Windshield Chip & Crack Repair | Four Things to Remember When Your Windshield Chips and Cracks

Four Things to Remember When Your Windshield Chips and Cracks

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Let’s say you and your family are driving down the road enjoying the sunny day when here it comes, a small rock kicked up by the car in front of you bouncing down the road and SMACK hits your windshield while you are going 65 M.P.H. down the road!! Thank god no one was hurt. That wonderful laminated safety glass our windshields are made of has protected you and your family. Now you have a chip, crack, bull’s eye or star break in your windshield, your windshields structural integrity and your safety may be compromised. So, what should you do?

Typical Windshield Chip Repair

Little Chips Make Big Cracks

First – Cover the break with clear tape if it isn’t in your direct frontal vision area of your windshield for safety reasons. This will help keep moisture and dirt out of the break and could help prevent further cracking. Dirt and moisture are the enemy with your windshield in need of repair.

Second – Don’t delay call a mobile windshield chip and crack repair specialist as soon as possible to prevent further cracking! If it cracks across your entire windshield expensive replacement is usually required.

Third – Try not to wash your car or use your windshield washers until the crack is fixed or place a piece of clear tape over the break until the windshield is dry. This will help keep moisture and dirt out of the break until repaired. Remove tape if in frontal field of vision area for safety.

Fourth – Consider yourself lucky that wonderful laminated safety glass will allow most of these to be repaired by a skilled mobile windshield chip and crack repair technician at a much lower cost then windshield replacement. While some repairs seem to completely disappear, with others, you can still see a small remnant though they tend to have much less glare or refract light like before the repair.

Autoglass Windshield Repair Finished

You Can Barely See Anything After We Get Through!

There are those chips, cracks, bulls’ eye or star breaks that must be drilled for proper repair. This procedure is used to help remove air and moisture from your windshield while it is under vacuum or by using our pressure displacement repair system. These systems are sometimes used before resin is injected into the break. After the break is repaired the drill hole or break area will be filled and polished to optical quality and your windshield will be structurally sound once again!

Repair also maintains your factory seal on the original equipment manufactured windshield. If you have ever had a windshield replaced, you may not know that the seal made with the new window 500 times less effective than the original.

Mobile windshield repair techs can meet you at your work, home, or business and repair your windshield chip, crack, bull’s eye or star break on the spot. Most repairs can be completely finished in less than one hour. Mobile windshield chip and crack repair will save you time and money both are very important in our lives today!

Mobile windshield repair can save you from having to replace your windshield which will help reduce your carbon footprint because of the way windshields are made, we cannot recycled them at this time.

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