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Customer Testimonials

At Marks mobile windshield chip and crack repair customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We focus on quality,service and Guarantee all of our work.We are proud to share some of our customer feedback.

received a new testimonial from Craig B.:

I called Mark to see if he could repair a small chip on my windshield. He came to me within the hour, kindly explained the process involved, and made sure the job was done to my satisfaction prior to accepting payment. The chip is no longer noticeable thanks to his great work! Would definitely recommend Mark’s Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repair if you find yourself in a similar situation. Thanks Mark!

Sonal A. M.D of CA, wrote : My windshield cracked due to a pebble bouncing off the road . Mark took great pains to repair the crack and chip. He took the time to make sure the crack was completely repaired until the crack was almost invisible. I would have had to replace my windshield soon, if I had not got the crack repaired. Mark saved me a lot of trouble and money and did an excellent job! I would recommend Mark to anyone for his excellence at his skill and ingenuity towards his customer.

James S. Loan officer:
On the freeway heading home from a day at the office. I heard a load smack on my window .I quickly scan my windshield and notice I now have a quarter size chip/crack in the right lower corner. It looked like it was ready to crack across my whole window in three different directions. I get home and called Marks Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repair. I explained what the chip/crack looked like the size and its location. Mark said I believe I can fix this chip/crack and came right over. Once he arrived he got right to it and had the chip/cracks repaired a short time later. Now I don’t have to worry about the chip/crack growing and have to replace the windshield or getting a fix it ticket.

Lamar S.
Great Job !!! I’m a satisfied customer,
Mark and I live in the same apartment complex. I noticed his truck and notified him about a couple of cracks my friend and I had on our vehicles. He came over and fixed both vehicles. Windshields look “new”. My friend was extremely happy as well as myself.

Needless to say, a couple weeks later, I had a bad nick from a stone on my way home from playing golf. It was pretty bad. I called Mark and he fixed it right up. It looks great for the size of the damage that was done.

I will definitely use Mark’s Mobile Windshield chip and crack repair services again and if anyone needs windshield repair, I will tell them about Mark.

Thank you so much for fixing my windshield! You did a great job and I really appreciated your professionalism! I will highly recommend you to everyone I know!
Cami H.

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