Marks Mobile Windshield Chip & Crack Repair

Be Safe – Repair Your Windshield Before it Cracks

Save time and money repair that chipped cracked or nicked windshield now! You have a bulls-eye, the size of a quarter in a very inconvenient position of your windshield. Now you are thinking you will need to replace your windshield but over 95% of chipped or cracked windshields can be repaired, this saves you money. […]

My Windshield Chip Experience

I have a small chip in my windshield; it’s been there for 2 years now, so I thought there was no reason to pay the $40 to $70 dollars to have a windshield chip and crack repair technician come out and repair my nicked windshield. Then I noticed a couple of small cracks starting to […]

Four Things to Remember When Your Windshield Chips and Cracks

Let’s say you and your family are driving down the road enjoying the sunny day when here it comes, a small rock kicked up by the car in front of you bouncing down the road and SMACK hits your windshield while you are going 65 M.P.H. down the road!! Thank god no one was hurt. […]