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Be Safe – Repair Your Windshield Before it Cracks

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Save time and money repair that chipped cracked or nicked windshield now!
You have a bulls-eye, the size of a quarter in a very inconvenient position of your windshield. Now you are thinking you will need to replace your windshield but over 95% of chipped or cracked windshields can be repaired, this saves you money. Repairing restores the structural integrity of your windshield making it safe. It’s best to do the repair as soon as possible to keep moisture and dirt out preventing further cracking leading to expensive replacement. Mobile windshield chip, crack and nick repair will save you time by going to your home or work.

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Mobile windshield chip, crack and nick technicians specialize in quality repairs: Properly done repairs will enhance the structural integrity and strength of the windshield, and will help reduce optical distraction, refraction and glare, restrict the damaged area to prevent spreading of the chip and crack and maintain a smooth surface for proper windshield wiper operation and a clear view.

Auto windshield glass repair is the environmentally-friendly choice. Because auto glass can’t be recycled, millions are piling up in our landfills. Windshield crack repair instead of replacement is one more way to reduce our carbon emissions footprint and go green.

Auto glass windshield chip, crack and nick repair maintains original factory windshield seal and O.E.M. glass, which could help airbags from blowing out the windshield letting the airbags perform properly.

Proper repairs require all air and moisture be removed before the resin is injected under the required pressure and vacuum cycles.

Question and answer section
Q – How long after a chip, crack or nick happens can I wait to repair my auto glass windshield?
A – First check legalities of your state! Glass is hard to predict sometimes the glass will break out “crack all the way to the edge” just from being smacked by a rock. Windshield glass can be under a lot of stress from installation and cracks tend to spread quickly and chips will tend to crack sooner. There is no time limit after a crack, chip or nick has happened that you cannot repair it, but if you delay repair you risk the chance of getting moisture and dirt inside chip or crack making proper repair much harder and time consuming.
Q – How long does windshield chip, crack or nick repair take?
A – Average single chip repair is usually less than one hour, combination breaks can take more time. Cracks can sometimes take longer depending on the length. Nicks usually can be fixed in ten minutes or less depending on the amount of nicks.
Q – I have a four inch crack that doesn’t go to the edge of my windshield, can this be repaired?
A – Yes typical crack repairs of six inches or less usually require a double bridge set up.
Q – How much does it cost to have my windshield chip, crack or nick repaired?
A – Most chips smaller than a quarter and nick repairs are approximately $65.00 dollars a compound break and cracks fewer than six inches long are approximately $85.00 dollars.
Q – Is it safe to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield?
A – No if your windshield is chipped or cracked and has not been repaired. Structural integrity is impaired. If another impact strikes the same location it could break the inside layer of the laminated auto glass sending shards of glass inside your vehicle. Its not worth the chance of someone getting injured, Repair or replace!
Q – Is it legal to drive with a chipped or cracked auto windshield in California?
A – It is a violation of the California motor vehicle code to drive any vehicle with a cracked or damaged windshield. Specifically, the windshield cannot be obstructed in any manner. That includes an impact crater that obstructs just an inch of your view, that law also includes anything dangling from your rear view mirror.

Don’t take chances with a chipped, cracked or nicked windshield it could cost you a lot more problems than its worth. Be safe and repair.

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