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Be Safe – Repair Your Windshield Before it Cracks

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Save time and money repair that chipped cracked or nicked windshield now!
You have a bulls-eye, the size of a quarter in a very inconvenient position of your windshield. Now you are thinking you will need to replace your windshield but over 95% of chipped or cracked windshields can be repaired, this saves you money. Repairing restores the structural integrity of your windshield making it safe. It’s best to do the repair as soon as possible to keep moisture and dirt out preventing further cracking leading to expensive replacement. Mobile windshield chip, crack and nick repair will save you time by going to your home or work.

Mr. Mad Chip

Mean Mr. Mad Chip

Mobile windshield chip, crack and nick technicians specialize in quality repairs: Properly done repairs will enhance the structural integrity and strength of the windshield, and will help reduce optical distraction, refraction and glare, restrict the damaged area to prevent spreading of the chip and crack and maintain a smooth surface for proper windshield wiper operation and a clear view.

Auto windshield glass repair is the environmentally-friendly choice. Because auto glass can’t be recycled, millions are piling up in our landfills. Windshield crack repair instead of replacement is one more way to reduce our carbon emissions footprint and go green.

Auto glass windshield chip, crack and nick repair maintains original factory windshield seal and O.E.M. glass, which could help airbags from blowing out the windshield letting the airbags perform properly.

Proper repairs require all air and moisture be removed before the resin is injected under the required pressure and vacuum cycles.

Question and answer section
Q – How long after a chip, crack or nick happens can I wait to repair my auto glass windshield?
A – First check legalities of your state! Glass is hard to predict sometimes the glass will break out “crack all the way to the edge” just from being smacked by a rock. Windshield glass can be under a lot of stress from installation and cracks tend to spread quickly and chips will tend to crack sooner. There is no time limit after a crack, chip or nick has happened that you cannot repair it, but if you delay repair you risk the chance of getting moisture and dirt inside chip or crack making proper repair much harder and time consuming.
Q – How long does windshield chip, crack or nick repair take?
A – Average single chip repair is usually less than one hour, combination breaks can take more time. Cracks can sometimes take longer depending on the length. Nicks usually can be fixed in ten minutes or less depending on the amount of nicks.
Q – I have a four inch crack that doesn’t go to the edge of my windshield, can this be repaired?
A – Yes typical crack repairs of six inches or less usually require a double bridge set up.
Q – How much does it cost to have my windshield chip, crack or nick repaired?
A – Most chips smaller than a quarter and nick repairs are approximately $65.00 dollars a compound break and cracks fewer than six inches long are approximately $85.00 dollars.
Q – Is it safe to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield?
A – No if your windshield is chipped or cracked and has not been repaired. Structural integrity is impaired. If another impact strikes the same location it could break the inside layer of the laminated auto glass sending shards of glass inside your vehicle. Its not worth the chance of someone getting injured, Repair or replace!
Q – Is it legal to drive with a chipped or cracked auto windshield in California?
A – It is a violation of the California motor vehicle code to drive any vehicle with a cracked or damaged windshield. Specifically, the windshield cannot be obstructed in any manner. That includes an impact crater that obstructs just an inch of your view, that law also includes anything dangling from your rear view mirror.

Don’t take chances with a chipped, cracked or nicked windshield it could cost you a lot more problems than its worth. Be safe and repair.

My Windshield Chip Experience

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I have a small chip in my windshield; it’s been there for 2 years now, so I thought there was no reason to pay the $40 to $70 dollars to have a windshield chip and crack repair technician come out and repair my nicked windshield.

Then I noticed a couple of small cracks starting to extend out from the chip. Ted, a friend of mine, saw I was looking at the chip and offered to repair my chipped windshield.

Ted has a $9.00 dollar save mart do it yourself single windshield chip repair kit. I thought this was great; my windshield chip repaired for only $9.00 dollars what a great deal!

So the next day Ted and I opened the package and read the instruction pamphlet. It all sounds so easy, place the car in shaded area, put the suction cup over the chip or crack. Put the resin in the syringe pull back on the plunger then press to force resin into break then place car back in sunlight to cure.

It all sounds easy, until we read that some breaks may require drilling! Drilling you can drill on a windshield? Ted remarks; the instructions suggest that we can. Ok, how do we know if we should drill the chip or not, and what kind of drill bit to use? Ted replies I don’t know and suggests that we try to fix the chip without drilling and I agreed.

We placed the suction cup over the break and followed the instructions and injected the resin and repaired the chip. Looked like a professional repair until the next day when I noticed a small crack leading from the repaired area. I called Ted and mentioned that I saw a small crack leading from the repaired chip. He suggested we try to re -fix the chip and the new crack.

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield Repair In Progress

We tried to re-repair the new crack for several hours with no luck. Three days later the crack has grown to about four inches I’m afraid it will now crack all the way and I will have to replace my chipped and now cracked windshield. So I bit the proverbial bullet and called a mobile windshield chip and crack technician to come out to look at my windshield and give me suggestions for repairing it.

Wow was this guy thorough he introduced himself as Art and politely asked how can I help you? I showed Art the chip. Art asked me how long ago the chip occurred. I told him 2 years ago then Art asked if it had been repaired before? So I told Art the story of how Ted and I repaired the chipped windshield with a do’ it yourself $9.00 save mart windshield repair kit and then tried to re-repair the new crack that developed with another $9.00 repair kit for several hours before buying another $9.00 repair kit, thinking the one we had might be bad.

Art smiled; I said what are you smiling about. Art replied once you repair or try to repair a chip it cannot be re repaired as it has been sealed that’s why it must be repaired properly the first time! Proper repairs require all air and moisture be removed before the resin is injected under the required pressure and vacuum cycles. Why did the chip I fixed continue to crack?

Art smiled, again I asked why? Art replied its glass; glass is hard to predict sometimes the glass will break out “crack all the way to the edge” just from being touched. Sometimes windshield glass is under a lot of stress from installation. Other times not all of the air was removed from a previously repaired chip or crack and the air remaining in the chip or crack expands and contracts and the chip starts to crack or the crack continues to expand.
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Even worse if all the moisture was not completely removed when repaired the water remaining inside the repaired area can freeze and expand causing chips to crack and cracks to expand quickly! So my next Question was can you fix the new crack in my windshield?

Art smiled I laughed. Art suggested that, what he could try is to get in front of the expanding crack drill a hole stopping the crack. He also suggested polishing and filling a few nicks I have in my windshield. Then he warned me that the windshield could break out when he drilled it and there would be no recourse but to replace the windshield.

Windshield Repair In Progress

Windshield Repair In Progress

I told Art that at the rate the crack had been expanding I would have to replace the windshield anyway! Art laughed I smiled. Art proceeded to drill my windshield, he didn’t drill all the way through the glass but just short of going through the first layer Art then showed me by tapping a carbide scribe lightly while inserted in the new drill hole the crack ran right to the drill hole stopping the crack. Art then put on what he called “two triple leg windshield repair bridges”, one for vacuum and one for pressure.

Art put the first bridge over the newly drilled hole in a vacuum stage and slowly heated the windshield vaporizing any remaining moisture and removing water vapor and any trapped air. Art then placed the second bridge close to where Ted and I had attempted to repair the chip and where the new crack started.

Art then put the first bridge in a resin injection mode and the second bridge in a vacuum. I watched the resin flow through the crack and the crack virtually disappear right before my eyes I could also see some resin flow into the repair Ted and I attempted sealing it up before, that was three years ago and still no more expanding cracks or chips.

So it took $27.00 in D.I.Y. kits plus $70.00 for the repair technician to actually fix my windshield. A $97.00 dollar repair is still better then the $327.00 dollar windshield replacement I was quoted! So what did I learn?

If I had called a mobile windshield repair technician first it would have only cost me $45.00 to have the original chip repaired with all work guaranteed!

Second there’s more to repairing a windshield then can be learned from a D.I.Y. $9.00 repair kit instruction pamphlet. Art knew exactly what to do and how to do it with the proper equipment knowledge and practiced skills, Art repaired my chipped and cracked windshield, he even repaired the windshield nicks that were sometimes blinding in the right sunlight.

Third, with all the time and frustration involved it’s so much easier to call an experienced mobile windshield chip and crack repair technician to come to you and do a professional repair!

Windshield Repair Versus Replacement

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Windshield repair restores the structural integrity of the glass. This is a process that removes air and moisture from the damaged area and then permanently sealing the repaired area. There are two choices you have when you discover a rock chip on your windshield. One is ignoring it until the chip develops into a large crack leaving no choice but to replace your windshield, while the other choice is to repair your windshield. Here are some reasons why you should choose auto glass repair instead of replacing your windshield. Most people have no idea that cracks and chips in a windshield can be repaired. It is a proven fact that 98% of windshield chips are repairable. Chips, scratches and nicks cause glare and blind spots which can affect the vision and safety of the driver. Nicks and cracks can be repaired by a trained windshield technician.

Windshield repairs are convenient,

Cracked Windshield Repair

Cracked Windshield Repair

service personnel will come to your home or where it is convenient for the customer. The approximate time frame for a repair depends on the severity of the chip or crack but most proper repairs can be done in less than one hour. Another thing to remember is that a windshield chip or crack impairs the driver’s visibility and compromises the structural integrity of the windshield and the safety of the driver and passengers. In some states it is considered illegal to drive with a damaged windshield or an “equipment violation” carrying a fine of over a hundred dollars. Repairing is much less than replacing a windshield or receiving a ticket. The average windshield replacement is ($200 to $400) dollars or more depending on the year make and model of the car. The average windshield chip or crack repair, the size of a quarter or smaller (bulls eye, star breaks, combination breaks) can be quickly repaired at your convenience and location by a skilled mobile windshield chip repair technician. The average price for a windshield chip or a crack less than six inches is approximately $40 to $70 dollars or more, with a reduced price for a second repair on the same windshield.

Something to consider when deciding to replace the windshield or repair it is water leaks in the windshield may be a problem. The original factory seal of your windshield was installed in climate controlled conditions and is designed to help provide air bag support in case of an accident. Windshield repair does not involve manipulating the setting of the auto glass and therefore avoids the problem of water leaks completely.

Rock Chip Breaks Laminate

Professional Windshield Repairs

Some reasons to replace a windshield rather than repairing it could be, if the crack is extending into the edge of the windshield, spider cracks that cover the whole windshield and the integrity of the windshield glass is gone. Another reason for replacement is if your windshield is pitted from sand or is very old and not as clear as it use to be. If you have three or more cracks in the windshield; depending on the severity of the damage, or if the break continues through the laminate to the inside layer of the glass you should replace your windshield.

It pays to get cracks and chips repaired as soon as possible. Continued driving can increase the damage and cause you to replace the windshield.

Four Things to Remember When Your Windshield Chips and Cracks

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Let’s say you and your family are driving down the road enjoying the sunny day when here it comes, a small rock kicked up by the car in front of you bouncing down the road and SMACK hits your windshield while you are going 65 M.P.H. down the road!! Thank god no one was hurt. That wonderful laminated safety glass our windshields are made of has protected you and your family. Now you have a chip, crack, bull’s eye or star break in your windshield, your windshields structural integrity and your safety may be compromised. So, what should you do?

Typical Windshield Chip Repair

Little Chips Make Big Cracks

First – Cover the break with clear tape if it isn’t in your direct frontal vision area of your windshield for safety reasons. This will help keep moisture and dirt out of the break and could help prevent further cracking. Dirt and moisture are the enemy with your windshield in need of repair.

Second – Don’t delay call a mobile windshield chip and crack repair specialist as soon as possible to prevent further cracking! If it cracks across your entire windshield expensive replacement is usually required.

Third – Try not to wash your car or use your windshield washers until the crack is fixed or place a piece of clear tape over the break until the windshield is dry. This will help keep moisture and dirt out of the break until repaired. Remove tape if in frontal field of vision area for safety.

Fourth – Consider yourself lucky that wonderful laminated safety glass will allow most of these to be repaired by a skilled mobile windshield chip and crack repair technician at a much lower cost then windshield replacement. While some repairs seem to completely disappear, with others, you can still see a small remnant though they tend to have much less glare or refract light like before the repair.

Autoglass Windshield Repair Finished

You Can Barely See Anything After We Get Through!

There are those chips, cracks, bulls’ eye or star breaks that must be drilled for proper repair. This procedure is used to help remove air and moisture from your windshield while it is under vacuum or by using our pressure displacement repair system. These systems are sometimes used before resin is injected into the break. After the break is repaired the drill hole or break area will be filled and polished to optical quality and your windshield will be structurally sound once again!

Repair also maintains your factory seal on the original equipment manufactured windshield. If you have ever had a windshield replaced, you may not know that the seal made with the new window 500 times less effective than the original.

Mobile windshield repair techs can meet you at your work, home, or business and repair your windshield chip, crack, bull’s eye or star break on the spot. Most repairs can be completely finished in less than one hour. Mobile windshield chip and crack repair will save you time and money both are very important in our lives today!

Mobile windshield repair can save you from having to replace your windshield which will help reduce your carbon footprint because of the way windshields are made, we cannot recycled them at this time.

Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration improves output of the headlights and increases light penetration into the darkness. Most night time auto accidents are related to poor viability due to dull headlights! There are two basic headlight restoration techniques, chemical restoration and physical restoration. Chemical restoration is fast and looks pretty good, but the lasting effects of chemical restoration in my opinion is short. Chemical restoration from my experience is quick and easy, requires very little time or physical labor but only looks good for about a year or so. This is why so many company’s offer headlight restoration at such a low-cost. Physical headlight restoration is time-consuming, messy and requires extended physical labor, but in my opinion the clarity and longevity after physical restoration is outstanding. Chemical restoration can’t compete here, chemical restoration fills the tiny surface cracks, pits and treats the yellowing where Physical restoration removes the pits, tiny surface cracks and the yellowing they cause. Removing these problems instead of covering them, is why physical restoration costs more but outperforms chemical restoration in every aspect except cost! At Mark’s Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repair and Headlight Restoration we only do Physical Headlight Restorations!

Windshield Chip Repair is Cheaper than Replacing

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If you want to be safe with your auto windshield, you will want to take care of it if perhaps it should get pitted or chipped. The longer you wait, the larger the chip or what they call a “Bullseye” will eventually grow. Over time, the flexing of the glass will cause the chip to possibly grow a crack and if that crack gets long enough or if it makes it to the edge of the windshield, you will have to replace the windshield.

Bulls-Eye and a Wing Too

Bulls-Eye and a Wing Too

This is where an expert who has been trained and schooled in chip repair will make all of the difference in the world. You see, there are some who would call themselves professional, buy a cheap repair kit and then hoodwink people who might happen along, selling a kit that you can do yourself and works like you know what.

Before you go and replace your windshield, you deserve to know if it can somehow be repaired and If you are thinking that your windshield needs to be replaced after getting hit by a rock on the freeway or some other disastrous piece of debris that happened upon your vehicle causing you to receive a chip, give us a call and we will come to you and give your windshield an expert examination and tell you the full scoop of what you can expect that chip to do in the near future.

Galers Start From Cracks

What Can Happen When You Let A Crack Go!

At Marks mobile windshield chip and crack repair we strive to bring you fast reliable mobile repairs at low cost!

We will save you time by going to your home or work.

We specialize in quality repairs: Properly done repairs will enhance the strength of the windshield, reduce optical distraction, restrict damage area and maintain a smooth surface for wiper operation and a clear view.

Windshield glass repair is the environmentally-friendly choice. Because auto glass can’t be recycled, millions are piling up in our landfills. Windshield crack repair instead of replacement is one more way to reduce carbon emissions and go green.

Licensed, trained technician. All work repairs are guaranteed.

To Schedule an appointment Call Marks Mobile Windshield Chip and Crack Repair At (936) 232-4474 or go to our contact page and write us an email, we will schedule you in and give you a return email. We are local to the Conroe Texas Area.